The 5th Edition of the Spanish Symposium of the International Scientific Union of Radio is held at the EET

The National Symposium of the Spanish Committee of the URSI (International Scientific Union of Radio) was the main forum for the dissemination of research work in the field of telecommunications in Spain. This edition was organized by teachers of our School, under the coordination of Antonio Pendiente García.

This event played a decisive role in the positioning of the School as a center of prestige, and the research potential of the EET was confirmed and consolidated over the years.

The Congress was held at the Centro Cultural de Caja Vigo (today Teatro Afundación). There was a reception by the municipal authorities at the Pazo Quiñones de León. The inaugural lecture “Millimeter Waves” was delivered by Professor David Olver of Queen Mary College, London. A total of 176 papers were presented in 42 sessions and up to 5 rooms were used in parallel to accommodate the whole program. Students who were working on their final projects at the time actively collaborated in the organization of the sessions. Today, some of these people are professors at EET.