The doctorate degree in Mathematical Methods and Numerical Simulation in Engineering and Applied Sciences (MMSNICA) is a joint programme of the three Galician universities. The objective of this degree is to create specialists in numerical modelling and treatment of engineering and other sciences problems.

Nowadays, the fast evolution of engineering and the applied sciences bring the light to the necessity of creating specialists in modelling and simulating numerical processes, who stem from the business and industry field. The main goal is to promote from the university the knowledge transfer and the integration of PhDs in R&D&i departments. They will be trained to optimise processes, cut costs, improve the quality of products, design new technologies, improve security and reduce environmental pollution, among other things. Those are the needs met by the MMSNICA doctorate.

The focal point of the programme is to foster research in the applied mathematics field, specially in solving problems of engineering, finance, health sciences, environment and applied sciences in general. Those problems will be susceptible to be mathematically formulated and allow cooperation with the business and industrial world by increasing mathematical knowledge transfer.