Are you a technology teacher and want to take part in this initiative with your highschool or vocational training students? Are you a highschool or vocational training student and want to experience the potential of telecommunications? If that is so, this olympiad is for you.

What is it?

It is a initiative stemming from 20 telecommunication engineering schools from all Spain and the COITT, the Spanish official telecommunication engineer association.

Its general purpose is the promotion of the telecommunication engineering by showing how it affects many fields in our daily life and improves its quality. It focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals or SDG. This year the Goal 3: Health has been selected.

Participate in the II Olympiad!

In the 2nd edition, you can participate in teams or individually. In the following link, you will find information about the different modes and competition categories, as well as the prizes that you and your institution can win:

Do you want to know how the 1st edition went?

Qualifying round at TelecoVigo

In the first edition of 2023, we received 256 registrations from secondary school (ESO), high school (Bachillerato), and vocational training (FP) students, which accounted for 39% of the total number of students nationwide (from the 20 participating schools). The work began with two training sessions. The first session took place on March 7th, both in-person and online, at the EET. The second session was held on April 26th, in an online format, to address any questions or doubts. You can find more information about the first training session in this link and in this article from Faro de Vigo.

Finally, on May 26th, we had the team competition event for the ESO and FP categories, held in person at the EET. A total of 11 ESO teams and 6 FP teams were selected from their respective institutions to compete in this event. If you want to watch the videos showcasing their work and learn more about the winners, you can access this page

You can also access the summary in this news article.

Several media outlets covered this competition and its results (El Progreso, Faro de Vigo, Atlántico Diario, Metropolitano and again, Faro de Vigo).

National competition phase

The following teams were selected for the national competition:

  • In the secondary education (ESO) category (teams): IES Primeiro de Marzo, CPR Manuel Peleteiro, IES Pastoriza, and CPR Dr. López Suarez (Escairón)
  • In the vocational training (FP) category (teams): CIFP A Farixa
  • In the high school (Bachillerato) category (individual): Xabier Garabato González (CPR Manuel Peleteiro), and Rocío Fernández Álvarez (IES Ribeira do Louro)

3 out of the 8 national team awards were won by teams qualified at Teleco-Vigo. If you want to learn more about the national competition, you can access this page:

Any doubts?

You can get them solved:

Sponsors of the local competition