Competition phase in UVigo

On May 26th, we held the team competition event for the Secondary Education (ESO) and Vocational Training (FP) categories in person at the EET. A total of 11 ESO teams and 6 FP teams were selected from their respective institutions to compete in this event, which consisted of two distinct parts:

  • The first part involved presenting their work in the Auditorium of the EET.
  • The second part involved having a designated booth to demonstrate how the prototype worked, allowing anyone to experiment with it

Below, you will find the photos of the participating teams. By clicking on them, you can access the video they created to present their project:

The teams posed a challenge for the jury, composed of:

  • Indra Representative: Javier Piñeiro Rodríguez, System and Solutions Senior Expert at Indra I&T
  • BorgWarner Representative: Daniel Pérez, Test and Automation Process Supervisor
  • Televés Representative: Carlos Rodríguez Suáñez, Deputy Director of Corporate Strategy
  • Representatives from the EET management team: Laura Docío Fernández, Deputy Director of Outreach and Recruitment, and Pedro Comesaña Alfaro, Deputy Director of Academic Organization

The winners in the Secondary Education (ESO) team category (sponsored by Indra) were::

  1. IES Primeiro de Marzo (Coral Vázquez Sinde, Juan Martínez Rodríguez, Jaime Domínguez Trapero, Artai Suárez Pérez and Ana Gómez Cima. Teacher: María Loureiro González)
  2. CPR Manuel Peleteiro (Carlota Fontela Cortizo and Laura Souto Bravo. Teacher: Elena Poncela Blanco)
  3. IES de Pastoriza (Alicia Domínguez Martínez, Doaa Jabrane Messaoudi, Sergio Garrido Eiroa and Martín Paz Rabuñal. Teacher: Javier Cal Orgeira)

In the Vocational Training (FP) category (sponsored by BorgWarner) the winner were:

  1. CIFP A Farixa (Óscar Gallardo Otero, Álex Gómez Carballido, Paola Virginia Pérez Franco, Manuel Rodríguez Otero and Damián Cuquejo Fidalgo. Teacher: Ricardo Ameijeiras Vázquez)
  2. CPR Daniel Castelao (Álex Fernández Martínez, Sergio Fernández Martínez, Nuria García Cobas and Íker Rodríguez Iglesias. Teacher: Juan Vázquez Fariñas)
  3. IES Monte da Vila (Juan Cruz Dávila García, Eva María Otero Nazara, Ethan Vidal Redondo and Juan Antonio Rodiño Valladares. Teacher: Pablo Gallego Falcón)

And in the individual category for high school students (sponsored by Televés), the winners were::

  1. Xabier Garabato González (CPR Manuel Peleteiro. Teacher: Elena Poncela Blanco)
  2. Rocío Fernández Álvarez (IES Ribera do Louro. Teacher: Raquel Santaolalla)
  3. Noa Domínguez Seara (IES Ribera do Louro. Teacher: Raquel Santaolalla)

You can find information about this event here:

Several media outlets covered this competition and its results. (El Progreso, Faro de Vigo, Atlántico Diario, Metropolitano, and, again Faro de Vigo).

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