This is a working network, an interaction that connects organisms and companies of the sector with the School of Telecommunication Engineering and, above all, with its students and professionals. The collaboration with some of those companies began years ago through training activities and internships. This synergy has finally shaped as a cooperative network.

This initiative aims to achieve excellence in the training of future telecommunication professionals. It attracts new students and boosts the interest, as well as rewards the effort, of current students. Both actions result in more exposure of organisms and companies taking part in Connection | Teleco. 

Nowadays, the network is composed by 16 entities, companies or technological centers with a shared goal: setting jointly the future of telecommunications.

How to take part in TelecoConnection.

Entities wishing to take part in this network can do it in two ways depending on what they decide to offer. They can be Friend or Patron entities. Our network begins with 11 Patrons and 5 Friends.

All entities are committed to offer internships to the School students and to advertise this commitment through short videos in which they explain the sector they lead and why they are interested in hiring telecommunication engineering graduates from the EET of Uvigo.


Patron entities also acquire a commitment to grant prizes…

  • Prizes to first-year students with best academic record–a newly established prize–.
  • Prizes to the best projects of the Laboratory of Projects –LPro prizes–.

… or sponsor other initiatives like: 

  • The National Telecommunication Olympiads –co-organized by the EET.
  • Graduation acts –bachelor’s and master’s– held each year in the EET.
  • Prizes to the best final degree projects.
  • Collaborating with spreading and student recruitment activities.

By clicking the boxes, you will access a video specially prepared for Connection | Teleco

Friend entities

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Other companies and organizations that collaborate with the School

Apart from companies and organisms taking part in Connection | Teleco, the following entities also collaborate with the School through different tasks and means:

2MARES. Innovation is in yor team



Itelsis Group

Spica. Sistemas audiovisuales


Cocodin Technology





Qbitia. Group Solventis

Teltek. Video research


Sonen. Ingeniería acústica


IS2 Global Telecom Solutions



I+D3. Soluciones para parking



HCTech. I+D+Hidrografía


Arca. Part of Accenture



Retegal. Redes de telecomunicación galegas



Colexio Oficial de Enxeñeiros de Telecomunicación de Galicia

Join us in Teleco Connection!

If your organisation is interested in joining the Teleco connection network, please contact the school management team