For the EET, this collaboration university-company will promote that bachelor, master and doctorate students have a more diverse and working-world-oriented training. Moreover, Indra will be accompanied in its strategic plans thanks to the technological contents taught in the School. 


The activities of the chair follow these lines:

  • Creating a talent-recruitment programme that aims to achieve an excellent training for EET students.
  • Collaborating and supporting the Diffusion and Recruitment Plan of the EET focused on making visibility and spread activities for pre-university students about the contents taught in the School. This will also encourage them to pursue their scientific and technological vocations.
  • Collaborating in transversal activities within the Tutorial Action Plan (orientaTE) and the Mentoring Plan (MEET-Teleco).
  • Developing projects and programmes on scientific research and technology development and innovation.
  • Organising sessions, conferences, seminars and forums on relevant subjects from the chair’s field.
  • Promoting training activities that intend to recruit, specialise and update the competences of the members of the university community, with an eye to the competitive needs of the company.


Among the activities developed under the Indra-UVigo Chair, we can highlight the support to the Diffusion and Recruitment Plan of the EET focused on spreading science and technology in order to encourage the scientific and technological vocations of the newest students. However, there are many other remarkable activities like sponsoring the Teleco National Olympiad, a competition for highschool and medium or higher level vocational training students; collaborating in the orientaTE plan and the MEET-Teleco mentoring programme; promoting scientific and technological events, as well as developing projects and programmes on scientific research and technology development and innovation.

2023 activities

In the year 2023, the Indra-UVigo Chair promoted and sponsored the following activities:

  • The University of Vigo and the company Indra, leader in communications technology in Spain, set the Indra-UVigo Chair in engineering and technology on 28th February 2023. This way, the collaboration between the School of Telecommunication Engineering (EET) and Indra has been institutionalised. Its aim is to boost from the EET the training of students to professionally work in areas of the company related to their university training and their potential career opportunities. Meanwhile, this promotes continuous training, innovation and research.

  • Thanks to the support of the chair, part of the work kits for the participating teams was acquired. The chair also supported this initiative by sponsoring the three prizes in the team competition category for secondary education.
  • More information about the competition event can be found in the following link:
  • More information about the results can be found in the following link:
  • A lecture titled “Business Excellence through Industrial Doctorate” was delivered by Raquel González Ibáñez, explaining Indra’s initiative to promote doctoral studies among its staff.
  • The recording of the lecture can be accessed through the following link:
  • ­The chair collaborated in the graduation ceremony of the X promotion of the Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering (GETT) and the VIII promotion of the Master’s Degree in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering (MET).
  • In this event, Indra participated with a speech by Mr. José Ignacio Ulizar Álvarez, Director of Engineering and Technology at Indra T&D. Indra also collaborated by sponsoring a special gift for our students: a sweatshirt with a design created by the illustrator Davila specifically for our institution:
  • More information about this celebration event can be found in the following link:

During the first week of the course, students had the opportunity to participate in the first three activities of the integraTE program sponsored by the Indra-UVigo Chair in Engineering and Technology

The Indra Chair collaborates in providing computer equipment for the center’s laboratories.