These forms collect the expressions of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the different interest groups linked to the School, or bring initiatives to improve the quality of the Center. They can be sent anonymously, but if a reply is required, an email address or the necessary data to send the reply must be provided. The response time is a maximum of 15 working days.

Definitions of interest


A suggestion will be submitted when it is desired to propose a quality improvement initiative in the EET.


A complaint shall be filed when you wish to report dissatisfaction with a facility service or a problem related to EET. There will be two types of complaints:

  • Complaints about general aspects.
  • Complaints specifically related to teaching activities (i. e., absence of teaching staff or failure to provide tutoring).

Congratulatory notes

A congratulatory note will be presented when you wish to express your gratitude for a service provided by the center.


It is necessary to file a complaint, without excluding other reasons, in the following cases:

  • Individual request to change the date of an examination due to force majeure (see the EET Examination Regulations).
  • Request for review of the exam by a board, after the publication of the final grades (see the EET Examination Regulations).

Channels and observations

You can access the Complaints, Suggestions and Compliments form on this page, and submit it online.

The channel for submitting a Complaint to the Management Team should be the Center’s General Affairs Office.


  • Complaints or suggestions in which abuse of rights or lack of grounds are detected will not be considered.
  • Complaints must be submitted in writing to the school’s General Affairs Office, where they will be registered. Claims must be signed by the persons concerned.

Further information

For more information, including the annual report of the Complaints, Suggestions and Compliments system of the University of Vigo, please visit the following link:

Complaints, suggestions and congratulatory notes management process (Strategic procedure MC02, approved by the School Board, March 11, 2015)

The Annual Management Review Report (PDF) collects the data and analysis of the Complaints, Suggestions and Congratulary notes received in each course.