The BTTE offers the same contents and the same structure as the Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering (GETT) with minor differences.

They hardly differ on the following aspects:

  • the language of teaching, which is mostly in English (more than 80% of the compulsory courses)
  • the number of students that can enter each academic year (20 maximum), therefore, the teaching is given in small groups, thus being almost persoalized.
  • that your diploma will list English as the language of instruction in those courses where it is used

It is important to note that the following courses must be taken in English:

  • 7 of the 10 courses of 1st year
  • All 10 courses of the 2nd year
  • All courses in the second semester of the 4th year

In addition, and depending on the elective you choose:

  • you will have the possibility of taking the 5 courses (all of them) of the first semester of the 4th year.
  • and 3 courses of 3rd year

Further information about BTTE

Other formal information about the studies can be found in the following links.

We also believe that it is of interest for you to take a look at BeTeleco! section.

In this video you have a good overview of our School: