One of the factors that influence the quality of education is the collaborative and coordinated work between members of the teaching teams. In addition to the management team, there are several professors who are in charge of coordinating courses, degrees, mobility programmes, etc: 

Bachelor’s Degrees Coordination (GETT)
Lucía Costas Pérez

Master’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering Coordination (MET)
Manuel José Fernández Iglesias

Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity Coordination (MUniCS)
Ana Fernández Vilas

Master’s Degree in Industrial Mathematics Coordination (M2I)
José Durany Castrillo

International Master’s Degree in Computer Vision Coordination (IMCV)
José Luis Alba Castro

Doctorate Programme in Information and Communication Technologies Coordination (Doc-TIC)
Manuel García Sánchez

Doctorate Programme in Mathematics and Applications
Ramón González Rodríguez

Final Degree Project Coordination (TFG/TFM)
Manuel Caeiro Rodríguez

Internship Coordination
Jorge Marcos Acevedo

Tutorial Action Plan Coordination (PAT)
Íñigo Cuíñas Gómez

Equality Link
María Soledad Torres Guijarro

María Soledad Torres Guijarro