On my behalf and of the faculty, staff and students of the School of Telecommunication Engineering, I want to thank you for choosing our school to follow your academic career.

The EET is a reference centre in both teaching and research where you will receive quality training with a high practical orientation (50% of the teaching is given in small groups, laboratories and/or project oriented). Its excellence in research is reflected in the continued presence in the Shanghai ranking in the recent years, among the top 200 centres in the world of telecommunications. The teaching and research staff of the EET is engaged in applied research, transferring knowledge to the business and industrial fabric. That is why our centre was the one that obtained the largest number of contracts with companies and the largest economic volume in the last year.

This close relationship with research in the field of information technologies and communications, allows us to offer an applied teaching close to the needs of the industry. This is reflected in the collaboration of external professionals in the definition of projects and final projects to be developed by the students, especially in the last years of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, in addition to the curricular internships in companies. In fact, our bachelor’s degree has appeared among the best five in Spain in telecommunication in the rankings published annually by El Mundo.

To smooth your incorporation into the daily life of the centre, we have two pioneering programmes of Tutorial Action at the University of Vigo, which we call MEET and orientaTE. In the MEET (Mentoring at EET), you will be helped by students from other years trained in transversal competencies for this mission. They will act as mentors and, together with the teaching team, will accompany you during your first year at the School. Moreover, you will have specific talks and workshops for this first contact with the University. The aim of the orientaTE program is to help you in your exit to the labour market. You will receive advice and complementary training throughout your stay at EET on different aspects of your professional and academic career. Do not forget to contact the DAAT, the students union. It is a group of students, elected to represent you, committed to the smooth running of the centre and the university and always ready to help you.

However, your career at the School will not be limited only to your studies. During this period, you will enrich your network of friends and you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the opportunities offered by the university: study abroad in other national and foreign universities, practice sports, attend cultural activities, etc. Also, do not forget to participate in a student association. At the EET we are proud to sponsor and help six associations, four of them actually born in our School, that dedicate their time to such exciting topics as: building a manned solar boat to compete internationally; designing, building and launching small satellites; improving public speaking skills by preparing to compete and win national university tournaments; creating a successful annual employment forum; working on different engineering projects or designing and building a manned single-seater for international competitions.

In this website you can consult information of your interest, but do not hesitate to contact the management team, the administration and services staff or the DAAT if you need a more personalized attention.

I hope you enjoy your university period in our School, which will always be your home and where you will always be welcomed.

Vigo, 3rd December 2021

Rebeca P. Díaz Redondo
Director of the School of Telecommunication Engineering
University of Vigo