The master’s degree studies are organised by modules.


  • Cybersecurity Management and Legislation Module, which is compulsory. This module consists of 9 ECTS, divided into two courses of 6 and 3 ECTS, respectively.
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals Module, of a compulsory nature, consisting of four courses of 6 ECTS each.
  • Cybersecurity Techniques Module, which is compulsory. The module consists of four courses, three of them of 5 ECTS and one of 3 ECTS. The purpose of these subjects is to complete the training of the students by applying the knowledge of the Fundamentals module to the protection of systems.
  • Complementary Training Module, of optional nature, consisting of elective courses of 3 ECTS each. Each student must compulsorily take three courses among those offered (five in the memory).
  • Internships and Final Degree Project (TFM), which is compulsory and consists of 30 ECTS. This module includes the recognition of professional experience. 15 ECTS correspond to the Internships in Company and another 15 ECTS to the Final Degree Project.

The Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity is obtained with 90 ECTS. To complete the degree, students must take all the compulsory modules and three courses (9 ECTS) to be chosen freely from the Complementary Training module. The curriculum does not include specialisations, but reserves 9 ECTS to specialise the training in those specific areas that are of greater interest to students.

Distribution by semesters

1st semester

  • Cybersecurity Management and Legislation, 6 ECTS.
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals, 24 ECTS.

2nd semester

  • Cybersecurity Techniques, 18 ECTS.
  • Cybersecurity Management and Legislation, 3 ECTS.
  • Complementary Training Module, 9 ECTS.

3rd semester

  • Internships Module, 15 ECTS.
  • Final Degree Project (TFM) Module, 15 ECTS.

Distribution by modules

Module Course ECTS Type Semester Year
Cybersecurity Management and Legislation Cybersecurity Concepts and Laws 3 Compulsory 2 1
Information security management 6 Compulsory 1 1
Cybersecurity Fundamentals Information security 6 Compulsory 1 1
Communication security 6 Compulsory 2 1
Application security 6 Compulsory 1 1
Secure networks 6 Compulsory 1 1
Cybersecurity Techniques Complementary Training Fortification of operating systems 5 Compulsory 1 1
Intrusion tests 5 Compulsory 2 1
Malware analysis 5 Compulsory 2 1
Security as a business 3 Compulsory 2 1
Complementary Training Security in mobile devices 3 Elective 2 1
Forensic analysis of equipment 3 Elective 2 1
Ubiquitous security 3 Elective 2 1
Incident management 3 Elective 2 1
Cybersecurity in industrial environments 3 Elective 2 1
Internships and Final Degree Project (TFM) Internships 15 External internships 1 2
Final Degree Project 15 Final Degree Project 1 2


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