Most of the research and transfer developed in the School of Telecommunication Engineering belongs to the field of Telecommunication Technologies and, more precisely, the three main areas: Communications and Systems, Cybersecurity and Digital Services.

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A large part of the teaching and research staff of our school belongs to atlanTTic, the Research Centre for Telecommunication Technologies of the University of Vigo.

atlanTTic was born in 2010 and is accredited as a Research Centre of the Galician University System (CIGUS). The center is co-funded by the Xunta de Galicia and the European Regional Development Fund.

Currently, more than 170 professionals, many of whom are also professors or students at the School, are doing research at the centre and, as mentioned above, work in three main areas: Communications and Systems; Cybersecurity; and Digital Services.

atlanTTic shapes its research activity by means of research groups working on projects. You can see the structure of the Centre’s groups by clicking on the button below.

School research lines

The following links lead to the lines of each of the research fields:

These are the research groups working in these last three areas: