The School of Telecommunication Engineering is under the umbrella of the Occupational Risk Prevention Service of the University of Vigo and its plans and rules that ensure the prevention, elimination and minimization of risks that may exist in the development of the different activities at the university. In any case, here is some information and advice.

Health monitoring

Medical examination

University of Vigo staff can request an appointment [online appointment guide, PDF 352KB] for the periodic medical examination by the deadline announced, where applicable, on the notice portal for each work centre.

If for any reason you cannot request it, you should contact the Prevention Service:
Phone: +34 986 814 088

Advice from the Prevention Service

What to do in te event of a work accident?

In case of emergency or if the accident is serious, go to the nearest health center and, as soon as possible, report the situation to the Occupational Risk Prevention Service.

In all other cases:

  • You must go to the nearest assistance centre belonging to the Fremap mutual insurance company for work related accidents and occupational diseases with your ID card and the assistance request form [PDF, 655KB] covered.


    Phone numbers
    24-hour assistance: +34 900 610 061 
    Outside of Spain: +34 91 919 61 61

    Pizarro nº 16. Vigo
    Phone: +34 986 430 788

    Monday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

    Poeta Feliciano Rolán, s/n, Miradoiro do Castro
    Permanent 24-hour service
    Phone: +34 986 413 033 / 986 413 299 / 986 413 499
  • Staff covered by Muface.
    You must go to the hospital that corresponds to you because you belong to the INSS or to a free medical institution of your choice. 

In all cases of occupational accidents, the Prevention Service must be notified by sending the internal accident notification form [DOC, 213KB].

In case of doubt, reach to the Prevention Service.

What to do if you are pregnant?

You must notify the Prevention Service using the pregnancy notification form [PDF, 53KB].

Information on the risks for classroom and office workers during pregnancy or breastfeeding [PDF, 1MB].