Quality Manual

The SGIC basic document implemented in the School is the Quality Manual, which defines the general characteristics of the system, the requirements it meets, its scope and the references to the generic documentation on which it is based or the procedures that develop it.


The following map shows the procedures referenced in the EET Internal Quality Assurance System Manual.

Procedures list

Strategic management

Quality management and continuous improvement

Training programme management

Teaching planning and development

Public information and accountability

Document management

Staff management

Infrastructure management

  • Annex I: Modification of the examination date record.
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  • Annex II: Attendance report.
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  • Annex III: Professor absence for an evaluation test record.
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  • Annex IV: Examination review attendance record.
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  • Annex V: Professor absence for a tutoring session record.
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  • Annex VI: Incidents in the teaching duties record.
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