Qualcomm established a collaboration agreement with the School of Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Vigo to offer training courses in 5G. Thanks to this agreement, students have access to courses and the opportunity to receive certification for their training through the Qualcomm Academy program.

The program is designed to develop students’ skills and knowledge in 5G, enhancing their job prospects in the technological ecosystem.

What does it involve?

Through the QWA program, you can enroll in Qualcomm’s free 5G training, receive a Qualcomm Technologies certificate, and have the opportunity to be identified by Qualcomm recruiters. It’s a great opportunity to build your resume and skills in a highly sought-after field..

Who can participate?

Any student enrolled at the University of Vigo (undergraduate, postgraduate, Ph.D.).

The recommended profile is engineering students who want to understand the fundamental technological principles of 5G systems or students with an economic/business profile who want to understand how 5G technologies are changing communication and business.

How can I enroll?

Enrolling in the program takes only five minutes. Follow these steps:

  1. Contact Felipe Gil Castiñeira ( felipe@uvigo.gal ), to request the discount code.
  2. Create your account on QWA: Please create your account here.
  3. Choose the desired courses: First, make sure you are logged into your new account. Then, click on the two courses indicated below and click “Add to Cart” for each course. Ensure both courses are in your cart before proceeding to checkout.
    • 5G Primer: A two-hour introductory course for business and/or engineering students new to the field of wireless communications engineering.
    • Fundamentals of Cellular Communication and 5G: A deeper six-hour introductory course with some technical components, also geared towards business and/or engineering students new to the field.
  4. Complete the purchase process: Once the two courses are in your cart, continue with the purchase process. When you reach the checkout page, apply the discount code we will send you by email. After completing the process, you can view your courses in the “My Courses” tab in the top right corner of the page.
  5. Optionally, register for the “5G Introductory-Level Certification Exam”: If you wish to take the exam, you can register here. The exam is online and not free; it costs $29. If you pass the exam, you will receive a 5G certificate from Qualcomm Technologies, and QWA will notify Qualcomm recruiters that you have passed.

“5G Associate-Level Certification”

Through this agreement, QWA also offers University of Vigo students, graduates, and staff discounts to obtain the “5G Associate-Level Certification”.

If you wish to access this discount, contact Felipe Gil Castiñeira (felipe@uvigo.gal).