To access official Master’s Degree studies, you must have an official university degree (RD 1393/2007, as amended by RD 861/2010 and RD 43/2015).

Further information:

Access and admission criteria

As the Master’s degree qualifies the holder to practice the regulated profession of Telecommunication Engineering, there are other access conditions specified in the order CIN/355/2009:

  • Those who previously acquire the competencies set forth in section 3 of the Ministerial Order establishing the requirements for the verification of official university degrees that enable them to practice the profession of Technical Telecommunication Engineering and whose training is in accordance with that set forth in section 5 of the aforementioned Ministerial Order may be admitted to the Master’s Degree that enables them to practice the profession of Telecommunication Engineer.
  • Likewise, access to the master’s degree will be allowed when the graduate degree of the interested party proves that he/she has completed the basic training module and the module common to the branch, even if not covering a complete block of the specific technology module, but 48 credits of those offered in the set of blocks of said module of a graduate degree that qualifies for the practice of Telecommunication Technical Engineering, in accordance with the aforementioned Ministerial Order.
  • Likewise, those in possession of any Bachelor’s Degree may also be admitted to the program, without prejudice to the establishment, in this case, of any additional training that may be deemed necessary.

The above paragraphs shall be understood without prejudice to the provisions of article 17.2 and the fourth additional provision of Royal Decree 1393/2007, of October 29th.

Therefore, in order to take the MET, it is recommended to pass one of the following courses:

  • Graduates in ICT Technologies, with professional attributions of Telecommunication Engineering Technicians.
  • ICT Technology degrees.

Other degrees in the fields of Engineering and Architecture are also admitted subject to the assessment of the Admission Committee of the degree.

Graduates in programs corresponding to branches of knowledge other than Engineering and Architecture are not admitted.

The Academic Committee of the Master’s Degree may establish training complements for students coming from foreign universities or from other Engineering degrees outside Telecommunication, with the aim of leveling the educational background. These training complements will be composed of courses of the Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering of Telecommunication Technologies, and will be defined individually, depending on the curricular development of each student, prior to the first registration.

In order to obtain the degree, students must prove that they have a level of English equivalent to B1. This can be done at the time of admission or throughout the course of studies by means of a degree from the Official Language School, certification from the Language Center of the University, or any of the certificates, diplomas or degrees that are considered equivalent (Cambridge, TOEFL, etc.). It is strongly recommended that students have this level of English during the first year, since two of the specialities will be taught in that language.

Application form

Enrolment in the MET will be done though the self-enrolment portal of the University of Vigo. Further information about access to the University of Vigo.

If you are entering graduate studies for the first time, you will find all the information you need in the Practical Guide for new graduate students.

If you are a foreign student, you will find the necessary information to access postgraduate studies at the University of Vigo in the Guide for foreign students (in Spanish).

Procedures for welcoming and orientation at admission

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Applicable regulations

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