Teleco engineers are multidisciplinary and versatile professionals, thanks to the solid training they receive in key areas of knowledge in the Telecommunication Technologies sector and in the Information and Communications Technologies sector, such as mathematics, physics, programming, electronics, signal processing, network systems and communication services design, etc.

This training enables them to adapt to the rapid and continuous technological changes brought about by the so-called “digital transformation”.

We work in any field or sector that requires professionals with extensive knowledge in the technologies necessary for the development of current and future telecommunication systems and services.

We develop and use cutting-edge technologies in areas such as the following: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud/Fog/Mist Computing, Cybersecurity, Augmented Reality, Multimedia Technologies , Internet of Things, Cryptography and Quantum Communications, Electronic Technologies, Sensorisation Networks, Autonomous Vehicles (drones, among others), etc.

If you want to know first hand what the graduates of the School of Telecommunication Engineering of the UVigo are working on, you can find below a playlist with short videos (about two minutes long each), in which students of the EET who completed their studies tell you about the sector in which they are working: