We are aware that it is not always easy to come to visit us at the school, so we have several options in which we come to your center to talk to the students.

Sending of informative leaflets

We send a dossier and descriptive leaflets to all Galician pre-university schools where we publicize the degrees of our center, the activities we do in the field of research and witnesses of students and graduates about life in the EET.

Informative talks

In these presentation sheets of 13 informative talks that we give in pre-university centers you can see the topics we deal with, such as the 5G, the operation of a drone, security in mobile devices, mathematics in telecommunications, Internet of Things (IoT) or Big Data. We adapt each talk to the academic level of the audience so that they can better understand the aspects related to the studies we offer, arousing interest from early ages to possible technical studies. We can deliver them online or in person.

Degrees presentation

Periodically, and in coordination with the educational centers, we organize visits to inform about the undergraduate studies we offer. In these visits, final year students, accompanied by a professor from the center, provide information about life at the EET, the practice of the profession, the high level of job placement, the student associations in which the students of the center are involved, etc.

Visibilization of women in the field of Telecommunications

Through the inspiraSTEAM program, several teachers from our school collaborate in the visibility of women in STEAM professions, particularly in the field of Telecommunications. Through 6 mentoring sessions aimed at students in the last year of primary education, workshops and talks are held to address the gender gap that exists in the STEAM field.

Participation in the STEMbach program

EET offers several research projects in collaboration with secondary schools in the autonomous community of Galicia, within the framework of the STEMbach program. You can also find, organized by biennium, the projects proposed by EET. These projects allow STEMBach students to develop a project related to research and technological development work done by EET teachers, thus promoting the acquisition of STEM skills and awakening their interest in the degrees taught at the Center.

Informative talks for secondary education teachers and guidance teams.

At the School, we consider of great importance that teachers and secondary guidance teams have updated, reliable and first-hand information about the degrees we offer. Normally these talks are organized in the Education Delegations of each province, although we also give specific talks in the centers that require it.

Come visit us!

Contact the Subdirection of Dissemination and Recruitment through this e-mail: teleco.subdir.captacion@uvigo.gal