CES UVigo, a student association to build a solar-powered boat, is born

On January 29, 2021, the association CES UVigo (Clean Energy Ship) was created after a year of work and impulses by Francisco Pendiente, founder of Marine Instruments, and the EET.

A boat powered only by solar energy is built and improved continuously at CES UVigo. The aim is to promote multidisciplinary work in engineering, facing great challenges and promoting the use of renewable energies, in order to compete against other universities in international regattas.

During this time, students from CES UVigo followed the design and manufacturing process of the hull (which Seadrone was in charge of), while working on the creation of the navigation aid systems to make this manned boat able to compete in the best conditions.

The name of the association, Clean Energy Ship, creates a game that would combine the commitment between renewable energies and our cultural heritage, hiding in the English pronunciation of the name, a reference to the Cíes Islands.

Photographs of the CES UVigo Team (click to zoom in)