atlanTTic is created (Research Center for Telecommunication Technologies)

Nuria González Prelcic dirixiu atlanTTic desde o nace,mento ata xaneiro de 2017

In September 2010, atlanTTic was created in our School, bringing together the knowledge and effort of more than 150 researchers in the field of telecommunications and digital services: telematics, signal processing in telecommunications and multimedia and radio systems. It will be in 2019 when the Xunta de Galicia recognizes this center as a SUG (Galician University System) Research Center.

atlanTTic constitutes a powerful and efficient research structure capable of tackling large, complex and multidisciplinary cooperative research projects. Since its foundation it was always directed by EET teaching and research staff, first it was Professor Nuria González Prelcic until January 2017, then Professor Carlos Mosquera Nartallo until April 2020. Then Professor Martín Llamas Nistal began his work as director.

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