DocTIC Doctorate Program is born

Estudantado de DocTIC dá conta do progreso das súas teses

DocTIC arose from the proposal of ten research groups of the School, all of them belonging to the atlanTTic research center. DocTIC involved the merger and expansion of the PhD programs in Signal Theory and Communications and Telematics Engineering, both with a mention for excellence and in accordance with RD1393/2007.

DocTIC’s mission is to provide the best professional and research training in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, to generate quality research with international impact and to provide the technology industry with advanced knowledge and professionals to improve its competitiveness on a global scale.

In addition to the initial accreditation in 2013, the program underwent follow-up evaluation processes in 2016 and evaluation for accreditation renewal in 2020, all with favorable resolution.

Every year the students are graded in the June workshops, to which the images that can be seen in the following links correspond: