The Tutorial Action Plan and Attention to Specific Educational Support Needs (PAT- ANEAE) is an instrument through which the content and execution of various actions related to university tutoring are designed.

The activities of the PAT- ANEAE are aimed at all the students of the centre, paying special attention to new students and those who are finishing their studies, situations in which it is more necessary to have the information to help in the decision making process of these stages.

At the School of Telecommunication Engineering, the activities of the PAT- ANEAE are organised into three major programmes:


A mentoring programme, created in the 2012/13 academic year, to assist bachelor students arriving at the School. In this programme, the student mentors ─from higher courses─, together with the teaching team, tutor the new students in their first year at the school. MEET planning includes lectures and workshops, as well as meetings between mentor and mentored students. Its success led other centres of the University of Vigo to adopt this same programme for their students. In the following video you can find a witness from a student mentor.


A centre plan, created in the 2021/22 academic year, which aims to establish a single strategy to improve the orientation of students during their stay at the School, both in the next steps in their academic career, as well as for their insertion in the labour market. The planning of orientaTE includes complementary training activities, such as visits to institutions and companies with training interest, talks by experts from the professional world on technical aspects and/or relevant to the transversal training of students (soft skills), as well as workshops on specific topics taught by specialists, or other similar initiatives (hackathons, capture-the-flag, etc.). The participation of students in these activities is collected annually and is transferred to the Vice-Rectory of Students, for academic recognition according to current regulations.


The programme of integration of university students with specific educational support needs (PIUNE) is provided by the University of Vigo and managed by the UNATEN (Unit of attention to students with specific educational support needs). Precisely, you can find the details of this initiative in the UNATEN site.

Students can enrol in the PIUNE at the moment they formalise their enrolment in official studies at the University of Vigo, although there is the option of doing it later. In this case, the registration will be processed with the help of the person responsible for the PIUNE and/or the PAT- ANEAE of the centre where the student is studying with enough time to look into it and determine the necessary measures.

At EET we are especially concerned with equal opportunities and with facilitating the academic life of students with specific educational support needs, so you can contact us to help you.

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